Druella Burhan

CEO, Editor, Foreign Rights, Literary Agent

I was raised in New York City and attended Harvard University, I started with the summer youth programs, traveling abroad and doing small internships at prestigious publishers throughout my college career and specialized internships in Germany. I graduated top of my class with a PhD in 2011 From Harvard in Medicine with two specialized degrees from New York University in Communications and Forensic Science. I am based in and have offices in both New York City, Paris and Munich.

I'm currently looking for commercial and literary fiction for adults and young adults. I am really into crime thrillers and suspense novels that tend to stray away from the norm into a world that has great characters and good world building. I want writers who have authentic voices and not afraid to showcase that in writing. I am also a fan of women's fiction and contemporary romance and beach reads. Nonfiction books are something that are very dear to me and I'm looking for them in the form of memories and other nonfiction. 

Arabic memoirs are a real treasure of mine as I love delving into the history of the cultures which are my own. I find them rewarding to see more of these types of books in print as well as Chinese fiction and memoirs. I represent books that are poignant, deep, emotional and inspiring. I also like dark gritty books that have a unique sense of humor. Quirky, oddball struggling women are fun to read about to. Nothing pleases me more than stepping into another women's shoes and seeing her reality as she sees it. She's not afraid to disenfranchised, tentative, empirical and whimsical. I am receptive of most writing styles and am audacious in getting new voices out into the world, especially the ones that need to be herd. Now that roll is taken, it's time for mail call here at Queryburhan.pigeon [at] consultant [dot] com

Please visit the submissions page to cop and paste the questions to add to your query letter packet. 

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Druella Burhan 


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Literary fiction, women's fiction, suspense/thrillers, horror, grimoire, contemporary romance, mysteries. Sci-Fi, fantasy mysteries, Middle Grade, LGBTQ, Commercial fiction. Memoirs, humor, biographies and screenplays/scripts.

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Poetry, picture books, children's books, sports, serious non fiction or reference books.


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