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Pigeon House Literary Agency does not accept query letters or manuscripts via mail here in our Munich, NYC or Paris offices. We also do not accept query letters via the contact me page. If you want to send in a query letter, you can do so here at: please visit the agent page and see my manuscript wishlist. All other inquiries can go to

If you are interested in Media services from Us, please contact

For those interested in interviewing or speaking with Druella Burhan relating to newspapers, magazines or other media or press companies please contact her at her personal address at:

We do not accept query letters via or our emergencies only business telephone 1-812-302-3768. 

If you have general inquiries please do so via the message box.

We do not accept queries via twitter  @Pigeonhouselit or Instagram @Pigeonhouseliterary

If you are interested in submitting a referral for a client of yours, please do so via the referral page and then if interested, we will respond by asking for the full manuscript. Please do not submit referrals via the contact me page.

Thank you from Pigeon House!


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