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Message from Pigeon

When I founded the Pigeon House Agency and I wanted to start an agency that was unlike any other agency. After two years of researching other agencies and how they operated, I knew that I was going to be a top notch literary agency, and that was fine. I wanted to create an agency that would redefined what it means to be a published author and a literary agent. I wanted my clientele to be different in a pleasing way and fresh.

This company means so much to me because I get to give back, have my own client list and offer books to publishers that are new, different, dark, quirky and everything in between. I want my authors to be able to bloom at my agency and not just exist. I want this agency to inspire their best work and offer longevity. In the future, I hope to collaborate with some of the best that have never been given a chance. I small eclectic little boutique agency that has readers and authors coming back, page after page until we’ve constructed a bestselling client list and agency.

Druella Burhan 

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Pigeon House Literary Agency is accepting Query Letters

Updated: Feb 28

I am so excited to announce that I will be officially launching on the 10th of February for people to start sending in queries. I am beyond ecstatic and can’t wait to see what books I receive. I have contemplated this moment for the longest time as I relaunch this site and step out into the literary world. I sit here wondering how many good books I will get, reading how other people have answered to my query questions and just really enjoying reading your work. Here at Pigeon House there is only me at the moment but I am going to take my time and dedicate every moment to discovering the voices of the writers who could possibly end up being clients of mine. The official launch will be on my Twitter account @pigeonhouselit which I just started.. I look forward to getting your query letters, and remember, there is no charge. So check out my website and then when you’re ready, send me a little something because it’s our official launch!

Druella Burhan

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