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When I founded the Pigeon House Agency and I wanted to start an agency that was unlike any other agency. After two years of researching other agencies and how they operated, I knew that I was going to be a top notch literary agency, and that was fine. I wanted to create an agency that would redefined what it means to be a published author and a literary agent. I wanted my clientele to be different in a pleasing way and fresh.

This company means so much to me because I get to give back, have my own client list and offer books to publishers that are new, different, dark, quirky and everything in between. I want my authors to be able to bloom at my agency and not just exist. I want this agency to inspire their best work and offer longevity. In the future, I hope to collaborate with some of the best that have never been given a chance. I small eclectic little boutique agency that has readers and authors coming back, page after page until we’ve constructed a bestselling client list and agency.

Druella Burhan 

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The Three M's are: Mistakes, Mishaps, Misfortunes and Still...VERY Much a HAPPY Person

I have learned so much being a website writer in the past week. I have been trying so hard to get this website up and running but have recently come across lagging words that do not keep up with the pace of my writing. This ends up adding too many words at one time. So I decided to use Word Document and then copied and paste it. I checked it after writing it in Word, pasted it in Wix, then published it. About a few days ago, I noticed the type set was off and I was aggravated because words with letters were missing at the end, beginning at the next sentence. Now, I have to go back and type EVERYTHING up again and I'm doing it a day at a time. I also learned about using synonyms in Word, which is an obsession lol along with using big words. Most of them I goggled for the definition, but I missed a few of them and have a strong desire to keep them because I like how different they sound. As I sit here typing this, thinking on how I can write 100 words a minutes and write three pages in less than fifteen minutes 90% mistake free, this is so painful to have to have to type so slowly as typing is therapeutic for me. So, I have learned to type everything up in the space provided and to type slower which is agonizing. I wish I could just paste it but I'm still happy nonetheless. So now I must start the process of going back and rewriting every page on my site...again, and I'm definitely looking forward to it.

All Smiles and Sunshine,


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